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Stress Busters!
Are things driving you nuts? Are people getting on your nerves? Do you have deadlines that are looming and a to-do list that only seems to get bigger? You may need a lesson on how to bust up the stress in your life. Lana will provide participants with several easy-to-implement strategies to not only break stress but also to prevent it from having a nefarious effect. Participants will leave feeling renewed, re-energized, relaxed, and refreshed! And equipped to tackle each new day with vigour and enthusiasm!

Eating for Energy
Are you tired, getting sick or injured often or gaining weight? The problem is probably not with you but rather with what and when you're eating. This session will teach you nutrition facts (which foods to eat and at which time of the day) to maximize energy, performance, productivity, and vitality in your personal and professional life. After implementing these easy tools, you'll feel your very best - guaranteed!

No Excuse for Excuses: Make Exercise Part of Your Lifestyle!
“I don’t have time to fit in exercise”; “I don’t know what to do”; “Exercise is too hard”; “Exercise is boring”. Is this you saying one of the above or perhaps another excuse that prevents you from leading a healthy and active lifestyle? Learn the benefits of being active with minimal equipment, space and time. You will walk away with some easy exercises/tools to incorporate into your daily life. This practical workshop will gently introduce excellent fitness-healthy habits to participants and inspire them to practice them daily for the rest of their lives.

Building Energy Workshop
“Fatigue is the plague of the new millennium”

We are in an energy crisis! Most of us are just plain tired, tired at work and at home, we have absolutely no energy by the end of the day to enjoy our family and friends. Lana’s fun filled, fast paced informative workshop will show participants what it takes to increase and maintain your energy.
To translate theory and research into practical, immediately usable, personally relevant information resulting in personal plans to make healthier lifestyle choices. To provide participants with up-to-date, accurate information and ways and means to build and maintain their own personal energy levels, resulting in increased energy for work and home life.

Following attendance full participation during this half day workshop, you will leave with the following:

  • Understand how your body is fuelled; how you use and/or store that fuel, and how to ensure your body maintains sufficient fuel to meet your energy needs.
  • Know why and how to maintain your energy through activity. Learn how to incorporate cardiovascular, strength and flexibility into your life with easy-to-do exercises.
  • Learn nutrition basics. Know which food choices are better fuel for you and why (What are the good carbohydrates? Why protein should be eaten with every meal. The importance of fat and water to maintain our energy needs.
  • Learn how to de-stress. Stress has become linked more and more to disease. Everyone is so “busy” today. Learn how to slow down, take time to “Smell the Roses”.
  • Understand motivation, what affects it and tools you can use to stay motivated.
  • Develop a personal action plan to begin your own journey to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

It seems that fatigue is taking over our nation and people are experiencing low energy levels at all times of the day. We are having difficulty sleeping, not making time for physical activity, and making food choices based on ease versus quality. All of this leads to our “stressed out” and “low energy” society. Having energetic employees will benefit any organization. It has been proven that improved energy levels will have the following positive benefits:

  • An increase in work productivity
  • Less sick days to illness
  • A more positive attitude and a more positive self-image leading to a more positive workplace
  • Increased alertness that could decrease employee errors
  • Increased stress resiliency

Why do we need more energy? This question may seem self-evident, but many people don’t understand how their body works and may be fuelling for decreased energy rather than fuelling up for an energy surplus. After attending and full participating in this half- day workshop, you will be able to identify your energy boosters and your energy depleters. You will also learn the following:

  • The body basics, what your body needs to work at peak efficiency
  • Your natural energy highs and lows throughout the day
  • The myths and truths about “energy”
  • How physical activity actually gives you more energy
  • How the food you eat directly affects your energy level
  • Why water is important
  • How to help yourself stay motivated and make a personal commitment to a healthier, energetic lifestyle.

More Information: 1.866.5420.3338 toll free or 780.455.3338 email: info@speakersalberta.com

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