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Canadian Newspaper Journalism in the Internet Age

Brian Brennan
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After more than 30 years as a staff writer, columnist and editor at various Canadian newspapers, Brian Brennan is uniquely qualified to tell how newspaper journalism functions today – when reporters are equipped with tablets, laptops and smartphones – compared to the way newspapering functioned before the rise of the Internet, when reporters did their work with pencils, notebooks and typewriters. Technological developments have made it possible to do journalism faster, but is it being done better? Is social media changing the way journalism is being practiced nowadays? Brennan answers these questions from the perspective of a veteran reporter who still has an active interest in the business.

Brian Brennan shows how a steady decline in print advertising has forced newspapers to trim newsroom budgets and adopt a digital-first policy that has already seen the elimination of the print versions of some newspapers, and will inevitably lead to more closures.

In the past, the daily news meetings of the newspapers were largely structured around deciding what would make Page One in the print edition the following day. Today, this print-centric focus is changing while editors discuss how to create an attractive, comprehensive digital report across all the non-print platforms – web, tablet and smartphone – to reach an audience that increasingly is getting its news from non-print sources.

What are the implications to businesses, corporations, municipalities, medical services and government agencies that need to get "the word" out? Brian offers answers and solutions to the public relations industry and professional communicators.

Canadian Newspaper Journalism in the Internet Age shows how the newspaper business is preparing for a future for which there is yet no blueprint and new vistas of thinking for journalists and those people that need to communicate effectively with the public.

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