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By John Amatt
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John Amatt is an explorer, author and motivational speaker. John was the leader and a climber on the 1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition, sponsored by Air Canada which, after four tragic deaths early in the climb, he succeeded in placing six people on the summit. He has climbed difficult mountain and peaks on all the continents. His books include Straight to the Top and Beyond, Extreme Landscape, Voices from the Summit, and Everest Summit Lithograph.
John is a very popular motivational speaker. He has made over 1,800 presentations in over 46 countries. John has had numerous broadcast appearances including CBC National and ABC Nightime. John knows the meaning of danger. He delivers an inspirational presentation called The Danger Complacency as a means of reducing the number of accidents in the workplace. The testimonials gathered from this presentation and others are beholding.
John has a great message for all of his audience members: "Above all, maintain an adventurous spirit in whatever you do, in both your personal and professional life." Risk management is a part of this great message. For more information consult: http://speakersalberta.com/_Amatt.html

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