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-Dumb White Guy from the South line

Brian Plesuk Photo

Dumb White Guy from the South

Brian Plesuk
Member Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

This presentation may be delivered in either keynote or workshop form. In its workshop format it will be highly interactive. Brian combines anecdotes and plenty of humour to effectively make his points and engage participants.

Dumb White Guy From the South ” distills the accumulated learning of thirty-five years of experience in working with Aboriginal people – in both large urban settings and small isolated communities.

Brian will dispel some of the common myths about how to effectively work with Aboriginal communities. He will outline the history, culture and values of Aboriginal people and the unique nature and dynamics of their communities.

Brian will suggest that Aboriginal cultural awareness is a fundamental requirement before travelling to Aboriginal settlements.

His practical tips, including the ten commandments of working with small communities will guide participants on how to initially enter a community and then, on how to develop mutually respectful and positive relations benefitting both parties.

Special reference will be made of the character and make-up of these communities and how they function. The roles of elders, formal and informal leaders, elected officials, young people and Euro-Canadian service providers will be discussed.

This presentation is suited for any group, company and agency that wants to form a productive relationship with Aboriginal people It’s “a must” for field and head office staff that are required to perform work in or near Aboriginal communities.

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