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Seven Things I Learned from the Farm

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Cheryl King
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Modern life is complicated, changing fast and high-pressured. Everyone faces a huge array of choices and pressures every day. Cheryl says “I truly believe a farm life can ground us in the wisdom we need to grow a good life.” Living in a rural setting, I came to know the power of nature and the sun, seeds, seasons, land and water ― and they all have much to teach us. Be inspired, uplifted, and re-energized by the stories and lessons learned from the farm.

Cheryl King grew up on a farm on the edge of the Battle River Valley near Wainwright, Alberta. Even though her parents have passed, she appreciates their legacy of learning and their fine example every day.  She has lived and worked in Grande Prairie for the past twenty (20) years. 

A voracious reader, Cheryl enjoys keeping up with what’s new and innovative, and, while she knows change is constant and chaotic, she relies on a foundation of enduring truths learned from growing up ‘country.’ As a result of her farm background, Cheryl has learned 1) the power of positive attitude and energy, 2) life’s diversity and the urge to grow, 3) the beginnings and endings of life, 4) acceptance of realities and the necessity of effort 5) the nourishment of rain and the flow of the river, 6) the benefits and challenges of being part of a ‘herd,’ and 7) that a good life is built on character,

Cheryl’s presentation, Growing a Good Life: Seven Things I Learned from the Farm, will positively inspire your audience. We all have the potential to face and experience the kind of lasting, rock-solid happiness, success, and joy that endures - even when life gets tough

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