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Nancy Christenson
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As we move into our fifties and beyond, health challenges can take more and more of our time, energy, money, and vitality. We come to realize that our health is going to greatly impact the quality of our life from here on in. Whether we are 50 or 70, there are simple, basic principles we can embrace, habits we can form, and basic nutrients we can take that will improve our health and energy and give us a new lease on life.

Nancy Christenson is not a credentialed nutritional or medical professional. She is a writer and musician by trade, but her personal health struggles―and victories―have given her tremendous passion, first, for research, and second, to share the things she’s learned: things that have dramatically turned her life around.

Accept the challenge to take more responsibility for your own health. Question whether you really need to be on those medications for the rest of your life. Take a second look at salt―unrefined salt, that is―in a more positive light and hear about its many benefits. Find out how to turn the tide on anxiety and the “thyroidism” epidemic―and also help safeguard against breast disease. Hear some straight talk about menopause, the “whys” of its sometimes-overwhelming effects, and the “hows” of getting back to feeling normal again. Discover how simple breathing exercises can alleviate debilitating stress. Consider a simple, basic nutrition program and a reasonable, age- and health-appropriate exercise regimen. Try some simple facial exercises that can give you a natural “facelift.” Be reminded of the importance of rest, relaxation, and laughter.

Interesting, entertaining, and interactive, Nancy changes things up with a song or a poem here and there and gives opportunity for questions and answers. To those who see her presentation, she also makes her notes and articles available online.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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