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award-winning book, Out of the Mouth of Babesby Dyan Eybergen
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Dyan Eybergen is imminently qualified in matters relating to parenting and child care. Her award-winning book, Out of the Mouth of Babes, is just the beginning.

There are no "quick-fix" solutions to parenting or dealing with behavioural issues in school or day care. But through the awakening of intuition and the customizing of parenting/child care strategies to meet the needs of individual children, parents/teachers/child care workers will learn motivating and creative ways to strengthen relationships, improve communication and deal with conflict and difficult children.

Dyan offers parenting/child practical care education that focuses on an “adult-child” relationship as a whole; not just the sum of its parts. Every parent/teacher/child care worker needs basic knowledge of child development and psychology to form realistic expectations for any child and to support a child's healthy growth. Dyan’s workshop provides parents/teachers/child care workers with valuable insight on how to recognize and nurture self-esteem, cooperation, moral awareness, independent thinking/responsibility and problem-solving. Dyan can gear her workshop to empower participants to deal with any childhood group – from pre-schoolers to adolescents.

Dyan helps parents/teachers/child care workers find approaches to dealing with parenting/child care challenges based on the needs and personalities of individual children and adolescents.

Intuitive Parenting/Child Care is a highly interactive workshop. Dyan will tailor it to meet the objectives of your group according to their level of interaction and affiliation with children and adolescents.

More Information: Tel. 1.866.420.3338 toll free. email: info@speakersalberta.com

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