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― A Christian Faith-Based Presentation ―

Nancy Christenson
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God has a beautiful blueprint for relationships, marriage, and sex, a plan Made in Heaven. We, however, have to walk it out on earth, too often subject to the whims and weaknesses of our flesh. With the utmost of candour and transparency, Nancy Christenson offers hope, humour, and help as these delicate issues are Fleshed Out on Earth.

Nancy Christenson has a deep desire to see God’s full potential for romantic love:

For teens and single adults, a challenge―to take the higher road, to abstain from sexual involvement, to believe that God’s design is for our blessing. For those who have already strayed a little or a lot, encouragement―to lay hold of God’s complete forgiveness and restoration, to find the true purity that only He can impute.

For those who are married and struggling in the area of intimacy, faith―to believe for God’s healing and freedom.

For those of any age who carry niggling or crippling regrets, instruction―in taking God at His Word and living in freedom, joy, and peace.

Her Own Story

After a passionate but pure courtship, Nancy Fowler anticipated uninhibited sexual bliss in her marriage to Greg Christenson. She couldn't have been more surprised and bewildered when, once the vows were said, “someone turned off the passion switch.” 

She and her husband Greg hung all their hope on the faithfulness of God, believing that He would ultimately bring them heaven on earth. He did, in the eleventh year of their marriage, sovereignly bringing enduring wholeness and freedom into their love life.

Audience Comments

From a Ladies’ Retreat:
“Thank you for sharing. I was deeply touched by your honesty and vulnerability when you spoke. The Lord is doing some amazing thing in my life, a result of me being able to forgive myself as well as others, and to accept the love and forgiveness He has freely given me.”
“I’ve been married for thirty-eight years, and I’ve never liked sex. My husband is a good man, and he has been very faithful and patient with me, but I’ve just never liked sex. Tonight is the first time it has ever occurred to me that I could bring this problem to God.”

From a Youth Retreat, ages 13-26:
“You are able to capture an audience of teenagers for an hour and a half! They were silent and attentively listening for your every word. That is a miracle! You have a gift and a way to express your thoughts and experiences that young people can relate to! I was greatly impacted. ... I felt like that night God removed the chains of temptation (sexually) and though I know that doesn’t mean the struggle disappears, ... He has taken off a great load and I feel it every day. I am very grateful that you two made the journey out here, so thank you. It was also really powerful to see how in love Greg and you are (especially when you sang together). You look like you just met and fell in love, and that is so wonderful to see, because society tells us that getting hitched is a drag and it’s boring once you get old. You both have a fresh spark in your eyes.”

From a Bible College Class
“Thank you so very much for sharing your heart with us. You really spoke directly to my heart. You are so real and genuine when you talk about your life and God. You have inspired so many thoughts in me, to be ... closer to God!”
“I really needed to hear all that you had to say. I, too, have really struggled with giving myself away. I struggle so much with guilt and shame. And just your encouragement and knowing that you’ve been through the same thing meant so much.”

From a Couples’ Event
“Thank you for having the courage to talk about this all-important topic that is never brought up, not even at couples’ retreats, never mind our churches. May God use your ministry to help others heal.”

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