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Master of Ceremonies

Marshall Ennis
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Marshall Ennis has a strong recognizable voice that carries. His large stature commands attention but it is his detail and knowledge of your event that allows for a memorable occasion for all in attendance. With strong organization, stories and the right touch of humor, Marshall adds strength to any event.

Marshall has hosted over 500 events to live audiences in the tens of thousands and has hosted 300 episodes of strength events on television to over 56 million people weekly, around the world.
Marshall has hosted Highland Games, Strong Man events, business openings, corporate anniversaries, product launches and numerous private events to thousands of people worldwide. Whenever he acts as a Master of Ceremonies, he researches well the topic at hand and the people and personalities he is expected talk about and introduce. Above all, he prepares, prepares, prepares. He will be well read on the subject and the event over which he will preside.
As a television series creator, producer and host, Marshall has a unique ability to enrich your event to ensure it reaches its full potential. Marshall has spoken from just about every type of stage to all types of groups. Marshall will become a part of your event, making participants feel like champions, sharing their biographies and stories about how they got where they are.

Marshall is a remarkable story teller. He entertains any audience with pertinent stories, facts, the colourful history of the event and the people and the places where it has occurred. Marshall would be proud to blend into your community and your event.

As a strong host, Marshall will take care of introductions and to ensure the agenda flows. Marshall will also link different topics and speakers to ensure the meeting has a strong impact. Of course, he’ll keep everything running on time as well.

More Information: Tel. 1.866.420.3338 toll free. email: info@speakersalberta.com

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