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Joan Marie Galat
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The night sky has always been a source of amazement for people who gaze at its majesty. It's hard to look up without wondering, "What's out there?" From the excitement of exploding stars to the comfort of a Full Moon, enjoying the night sky builds awareness of our special place in the universe.

Joan Marie Galat responds to that wonder by delivering a magical blend of modern science with the myths ancient cultures once used to explain celestial mysteries. These compelling stories lead to what modern science reveals—why storms occur, auroras appear, and the Moon has phases. Discover how the constellations map our sky, what you can hope to see on a clear night, and how light pollution impacts the natural world.

Unlike people, animals cannot manipulate their environment to obtain the darkness they need for survival. Attracted to artificial light, baby sea turtles walk away from the ocean and toward resort lights, often falling victim to predators as a result. Hundreds of millions of birds are harmed or killed as a result of light pollution each year. Find out why darkness matters to plants, animals, and society, and why it should matter to you.

Appreciate the Night is an acclaimed presentation based on the bestselling and award winning commercially published books in Joan's Dot to Dot in the Sky book series, and Black Holes and Supernovas.

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