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Parallel Strategies for a Performance Mind
Leadership, Culture, Management

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Evan J. Weselake
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Stress, burnout and lack of focus are often symptoms of mental exhaustion. Years as an elite sponsored ultra-endurance athlete and mental performance consultant have taught Evan techniques for Resilience, Focus and Motivation. Methods for greater mental recovery and efficiency, right there in the moment.

Parallel Strategies for a Performance Mind can be delivered in both keynote and workshop form. For maximum effect Evan recommends both. This will inspire and provide practical tips on how to change your life and work habits to succeed.

This session is about how those techniques can be equally applied to any performance situation. A presentation or short workshop highlighted with real life stories of performance and survival with critical insights into building your performance mind.

Here are some of the Learning Outcomes for audience members:

  • Recognize common patterns of mental exhaustion, and stop unknowingly contributing to our own exhaustion.
  • Look critically at common proven strategies and capitalize on them in certain work situations to build mental energy.
  • Build both regular and unique resilience strategies so each person gets what he/she needs at the day's end and adapts to change easily.
  • Help people and workers not only adjust to change, but embrace it.
  • Practice what we preach; increase self-accountability.
  • Think clearly at work. Immediately understand the importance of both "doing the right thing" and "doing things right".
  • Leave armed to make each day a wave with multiple peaks of high energy, instead of one long slow march to exhaustion.

"Managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal"
Jim Loehr

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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