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Seniors, Survivors of Change
"Both Serious and Frivolous"
John Carstairs
John Carstairs Photo

Change is upon us whether we like it or not. From the point of view of a senior, it's bewildering isn't it?

John Cartairs, raconteur "par excellence", in his powerful, entertaining and sometimes soulful presentation, Seniors, Survivors of Change, presents carefully selected overheads that elicit memories, generate humour, and stimulate thinking. He talks about changes that have happened, changes that should not have happened, changes that we cannot live without, others that we can readily dispense, and changes headed our way.

Despite being dubbed as the Silent Generation because we were taught to be seen but not heard, we gave birth to the Raging Grannies, a group of outspoken senior social activists. We watched as television changed its depiction of the perfect family unit to the highly imperfect, even dysfunctional family grouping. We fell prey to artificial obsolescence created by marketing companies that persuaded us to replace working appliances only because they were the "wrong" colour."  And we witnessed the unimaginable convergence of information and communication technologies which continues to double our knowledge about everything every second year. 

This topic, and many more suited for seniors, will entertain and stimulate audience members, and prompt them to think about trends for future changes they may wish to support or block.

John captivates transports and enlivens, enlightens, and inspires his audiences.

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