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Social Media Anxiety Disorder
"The effects of social media addiction on mental health"
Wade Sorochan
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Radio and Television Personality and Mental Health Advocate, Wade Sorochan takes a humorous yet serious look at the effects of social media on mental health.

Wade's entertaining and educative presentation, sometimes called the "Unsocial Media". deciphers and explains what may be recognized as the next serious mental health disorder:
"Social Media Anxiety Disorder" (SMAD).  

Addiction to social media is causing serious mental health issues without people even knowing. It is affecting the users and it is increasingly costing our health care system. SMAD is blurring the line between the real world and the virtual world. New studies have shown that social media can often make you feel sad, disheartened, depressed and anxious. The incessant quest for "friends", "likes", "comments" and the "perfect selfie" is affecting a person's mental health.

Texting, the "new form of communication", is causing high expectations, misunderstandings and miscommunication. Why? Because it is not including voice tone, modulation, pauses, gesticulation and body language which makes up 93% of effective communication.

Obsession with social media is robbing our youth and our communities. It often cuts into our valuable sleep. Some studies have shown that 85% of certain high school students go to bed with their cell phones on. It is depriving users of important, character-building face-to-face conversations. It is stealing time from reality. It is wasting precious moments with trivia while preventing otherwise productive and constructive thoughts and enterprises. It sometimes creates a false sense of security. And it is often even used to abuse and deny basic human rights.

Wade does not advocate that we not use social media; it serves a valuable function. He helps audience members recognize when they are spending excessive time in it. Like anything used to excess, it can be detrimental and nefarious.

Wade Sorochan shares vitally important awareness information and tips on how to cut social media addiction before it becomes a serious mental health issue.

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