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Be Unstoppable
Mastering Conversations Which Impact

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Vik Maraj
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At some point in your career you will encounter difficult people that you are not equipped to deal with. They will stretch your emotional and intellectual limits. And they may even break you. Break you in the sense that you will stop being YOU around them. And you will spend more and more time not being YOU; until – not being you BECOMES YOU! And this will mostly go unnoticed by you. You may even become resigned and then pretend it doesn’t matter. Depending on your learned coping strategies, you will become immobilized by them, please them, avoid them, or fight them. Whichever the strategy, you will spend an incredible amount of time in your own head thinking about these people and experiencing a range of emotions ranging from rage to resignation.

"Coaching difficult people is the most critical skill for leaders to master"Chris Argyris Organizational Behaviour Guru



Vik Maraj explains that no one is innately designed to
deal with difficult people. They are not ordinary. Whenever you encounter them everything you know to be true about yourself vanishes and you are left fighting against your own physiology. Worse, your own values are often challenged as you often end up acting artificially.

Vik opens up an entirely new pathway for being effective with these people! BE Unstoppable gives you a revealing insight into why you so fundamentally alter yourself to deal with these difficult people. Vik also provides you with access to the uncommon and straight forward language and tools that are game-changing with difficult people. He leaves you with the skills and the access to mastering unique conversations with these people that will leave you personally and professionally invincible.

In his spell-binding presentation, BE Unstoppable, Vik will leave you with an opening for power well beyond what talking tips, formulas, active listening and personality profiling can provide. It will leave audience members with a profound understanding of where they limit themselves in their critical conversations with difficult people. Vik presents audience members with a creative pathway to effectively deal with these difficult people - leaving you naturally impregnable to them.

Vik’s dynamic keynote or workshop covers how to:

  • Distinguish and put to rest the triggers that activate you
  • Be powerful and unflinching in the face of anyone’s conversation
  • Say things that will derail their predictable negative speaking pattern
  • Generate a completely unexpected positive outcome from historically broken relationships, and
  • Rapidly turn former enemies in to allies

BE Unstoppable will unveil a whole new realm of organizational and personal performance and possibilities for each audience member. What would that kind of on-demand skill do to advance the performance, the careers, and the lives of your leaders, team members, and work force?

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