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What Are You Waiting For?
“How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Living”

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Laurel Vespi
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What Are You Waiting For? We're all waiting for something - the weekend, to lose weight, to fall in love, to retire, the winning lottery ticket.  The problem is while you are waiting, time and life are passing you by. Instead of smoldering away, it's time to set your life on fire. With humorous and thought-provoking content, Laurel will entertain and enlighten the audience leaving them re-energized about life.

In this keynote address, Laurel will provide a memorable rationale to stop procrastinating on life and identify the four most common reasons people seem to hold back. Then, she will share simple ways to be more proactive and more passionate about your life.

At the end of this presentation, participants will identify what holds then back. They will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the need to stop putting the most important things in their lives on hold. Audience members will learn practical strategies and be motivated to become more purposefully engaged in life.

This presentation will be based on Laurel’s award winning book, Spontaneous Combustion.

In the workshop format for this topic, Spontaneous Combustion, participants will explore more deeply how to set their lives on fire and how to apply useful strategies that can be used immediately to improve their home life, their workplace, their business and their health. The Workshop provides insight into time management, “putting first things first” and creative ways to measure your progress on whatever it is you want to change about the way you live.

For a full impact on your audience members, the Bureau recommends that Spontaneous Combustion follow Laurel’s keynote address, What Are You Waiting For?
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