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Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Reputation: International

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Kelly Falardeau is a bestselling author and an internationally renowned motivational speaker who loves to achieve her dreams and help to inspire others. Kelly does not know the meaning of the word fear. When she wants to achieve something, she just does. In fact, she would tell her fearful inner voice to take a HIKE and let her FEARLESS inner voice take over!

When she wanted to plan a balloon decorating convention and someone told her no, she couldn't do it, she proved him wrong. When she decided she wanted to have a mobile scrapbook store and her husband agreed, she did it. When she wanted to get on the Dragons' Den show, she got selected to present to the dragons. When she wanted to know if men in wheelchairs could have sex she produced a documentary about it. When people asked her to speak at their events, she just did it. She didn't let fear get in the way or doubt herself.

Kelly is a burn survivor since she was two-years-old is so motivating because she does not let circumstances dictate her success. In fact, she was selected out of 1500 women to compete in a model search competition. She faced her fear of being judged by her appearance and walked the runway with the Peoples’ Choice Award.

Kelly Falardeau is a sought-after international speaker because of her ability to engage others and see how a bad situation can become a great one. She is also the author of No Risk No Rewards, a book about about her journey from near death... And has just completed her second book, Self Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle about how she developed great self-esteem and how you can transform your own life. Her self-esteem book made the bestseller list. Kelly has been featured on television, radio and various magazines and She has won the Fierce Woman of the Year Award from the Mom Magazine and was featured on the cover of Be Fabulous.
Kelly Falardeau photo self esteem

At 21, she was nominated and won the position of President of the Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society. As a kid, she also won the 4-H Most Improved Member Award plus various public speaking awards and even the fastest senior typist award in high school.

Kelly was featured on TV in Canada on as Global TV Edmonton and Calgary, CTS TV, CTV TV, Breakfast TV, Access TV, CBC, A-Channel and CFRN. She has also appeared as a guest on a various radio shows too. Articles have been written about her in the Edmonton Woman Magazine, Edmonton Examiner, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Pioneer Balloons Balloon Magazine and she also won the MOM Executive Officer award from the Mom Magazine. Kelly was also chosen amongst thousands to present her business to the Dragons for the Dragons’ Den CBC television series.
And lastly and most importantly, Kelly has created her own family, something she never thought she could do. She has been with her husband Max since she was 20-years-old plus they have three incredible kids including a set of twins and an angel baby.

Kelly has been involved in various burn camps and has spoken to a variety of groups including teenagers, adults, and people with disabilities, Aboriginal groups and business people.

Kelly is a sought-after international speaker because of her ability to engage others. She is able to move audience’s emotions and make them see how a bad situation can become a great one. She will have you crying, laughing and dancing in your chairs as she shares her many stories about ‘Risk, Rejection & Resilience’ and ‘Overcoming Adversity’.

Kelly Falardeau is a beautiful person. Kelly speaks about the ‘Beauty from Within’ and how she faced her fear of walking the plank and discovered her true beauty. Her “beauty” exercise is a dynamite experience that shows teenagers and adults where their true beauty lies.

“We are on this planet to evolve our soul and Kelly is here to remind us of this. She reminds us that we are much more than our problems or challenges. She shares her wisdom with passion and purpose that what is on the inside is what matters. Her light shines and when we are in her presence we are all uplifted. Thank you Kelly for sharing your brilliance with all of us.”
Karen Klassen, Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance
“I agree the presentation was great & I think everyone enjoyed it.  We feel honoured to have got to meet Kelly & Alex, and I think this year's conference was truly a success & memorable. Thank you for sharing your story with the women in Rimbey! ”
Peggy Makofka, Rimbey FCSS Executive Director
“When you spoke at our Conference in October, you had me laughing, crying and dancing on my chair, I have never felt so much emotions from a speaker in my life! You are amazing!”
RoseAnn Stittle
“Kelly, great presentation yesterday at eWomen Network Edmonton. You were authentic, entertaining and inspirational! People are going to LOVE your new book!”
Lisa Litwinski
“You did an unbelievable and outstanding job on speaking to us all! You truly are an inspiration to many! Hugs! Job well done!”
Brynda Roche
“I so enjoyed your presentation on Wed. night. You are so confident and have so much inner strength and so much humor; it comes out in your presentations! Thanks so much for sharing - you're amazing.”
Sylvia Young
“I just had to take a minute to let you know that it was a complete honor to have met such a powerful and inspiring person such as yourself. The world needs more people like you and the fact that you talk to younger people about self esteem issues is an amazing thing. You truly are an influence to everyone around you. Thank you so much for the conversation it really made my day much better!!!!! I wish you the best of luck in your adventures!!!!"”
“Your inspirational book was sparked by passion. This must-have book is a tool that will empower you and help you to create the life you dream of. Kelly, you are an inspiration to many! Thank you for reminding us to keep dreaming!”
Debra Kasowski - The Millionaire Woman
More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com
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