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Georgette Reed, MA, BPE, CSCS
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and distinguished Olympian

Georgette Reed


Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Reputation: National

Georgette Reed is in her eighth year at the helm of the University of Alberta Track, Field and Cross Country Program. She is a certified track and field and strength and conditioning coach with 35 years of competitive experience under her belt in the sports of athletics, bobsleigh, swimming and water polo.

During her athletic career, Georgette represented Canada in the Olympic Games, the World Athletics Championships, the World Bobsleigh Championships, the Pan American Games, the Commonwealth Games and many other international events. As a competitor, Georgette won 17 national titles (15 in the shot put and two discus titles). In addition to her coaching at the U of A, Georgette is currently involved with coaching at the provincial and national levels and is a mentor/coach for Special Olympics Athletics athletes and coaches in Alberta.

Georgette holds a MA in Coaching Sciences, a BA in Physical Education and a BA in Communications. She was awarded the 2005-2006 Canada West Men’s Coach of the Year in Track and Field, honoured by the City of Edmonton as an athlete for her national titles, is a Member of the Washington State Women’s Athletics “Athletes of the Decade” All-Star Team and was the Athletes’ Representative and Canadian Athletics Team Captain for the 1994 Commonwealth Games, the 2001 Francophone Games, and the 2001 World Athletics Championships.

Georgette is an acclaimed inspirational speaker. In her keynote presentation, Motivation: Your Moment of Truth, she will motivate audience members to frame an individual vision, overcome obstacles and barriers to succeed in whatever they decide to accomplish. Her presentation is truly transformational. It will present attendees with the opportunity to alter their own destiny through hard work and perseverance.

Georgette also offers a practical workshop on the same subject.

Testimonials for Georgette Reed
Georgette, This is a brief note of thanks for your help in making our Bob Adams Foundation Awards Dinner one of the best in recent years. Your message, delivered with enthusiasm and sincerity, was ideal for our audience and there is no doubt that everyone enjoyed it. Also, thanks for conducting the clinic in the afternoon. We appreciate the extra effort you made in doing so.
The Bob Adams Awards Dinner Committee
Georgette, The feedback on your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Your presentation and upbeat story was ideal to conclude our day. I was particularly impressed with the excellent interaction you drew form the audience. Thank you for your excellent contribution to our flagship event.
Dr. Gail H. Forsyth, Executive Director, Cultural Diversity Institute, University of Calgary
Georgette, You talked from the heart. You have a true passion in the way that you represented yourself. You are confident and capable to express yourself in very clear and vivid way. With people like you, who do not believe in the impossible, I will hold my head up high and achieve my dreams.
Reem Kubba
Georgette, The presentaiton you gave will stay with me, I know, my entire life and I am grateful beyond words. One of the most significant moments of during your presentation was when you told everyone about the girl who died after you inspired her and became her hero. I am positve that the entire audience was inspired that day and that they walked away with more confidence than before.
Warren Pingol
Georgette, No matter how many speeches I will hear, I will always remember yours. Thank you for making a difference in my life. You had a warm vibe, were interactive and you had a powerful message. You showed me that I can find new opportunities when one dissapears from life. Whether my Moment of Truth has arrived or not, I will just work hard in everthing I do.
Jacqueline Chen
Georgette, During your presentation, your message about racial stereotypes and unyeilding determination showed me a more optimistic side of life. From your presentaiton, I realize that instead of proving to others, I should be proving to myself. You have inspired me to change my perspective about others and myself. You have also inspired me to be more optimistic about my life and future. Thank you.
Gavin Lim
"What brought tears to my eyes was the story of the young girl who named you as her hero because you told her to believe in herself. I am grateful that you brought up the fact that life isn’t always fair. I will remember your perserverance through challenging events and I will apsrie to do the same."
Quennie Tung
"We we were all captivated by the way you spoke and stories you told. Your presentation was phenomenal! It was heart-warming to learn from your experiences. Your journey is undeniable truth that when one door closes, another one opens. Your positive attitude reminded me that it is not the results of our efforts that is important, but rather the journey we take to attain it. I will remember the importance of staying positve and keeping open to new ideas."
Willy Chon
"Georgette, It is with pleasure that I can tell you about the great presentation made at our school. You were relevant, informative, thought-provoking, entertaining, warm, motivating modest and thoroughly loved by our students. You delivered a message with a sense of humour and we came away feeling proud that Canada can be represented by such a talented person. You are a great role model for us all."
Gordon Ziegler, Principal, Richmound School
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